Meet the Team: James Galea, Senior Analyst

by | 16 Apr 2021 | Meet the Team

James Galea discusses his role as Senior Analyst at Novigi.

What is your role at Novigi?

In my new role as Senior Analyst, I have more responsibility for overall project coordination and coordination of a team (squad) of analysts. This side of things involves ensuring our projects have the right resources allocated, helping my team reach their individual goals and generally boosting their morale!

When I am working on client projects, I start by conceptualising the client’s business problem and attempt to break it down in a methodical, scientific way (probably attributed to my physics background). With the problem broken down I then set about engineering as well as implementing an appropriate solution to the problem. This is done through close collaboration with our clients, analysts, dev teams and other stakeholders.

What do you enjoy about leading a squad?

I like getting to play a lead function in decision making and in the coordination of my team. I feel privileged to be able to serve the business in this role and serve the projects that we are working on. I’ve had good experiences and opportunities working for Novigi and I like being able to see other people in the team develop their skills and playing a role in giving them the same opportunities that I have had.

What sort of projects do you enjoy working on?

I enjoy working on the technical and hands-on projects the most as I like solving problems that I can physically see and engineering the solution using codes or dashboards. However, I do like the balance of technical and advisory projects and the opportunity to perform more of a coordination role and solve conceptual problems for clients.

Why do you think it is important for organisations to adopt new technologies?

So that they are not left behind. We are well and truly in a digital age, so if organisations don’t adapt and keep up then they will fall behind. While this may not seem like a priority for an organisation right now, over time it becomes a big problem where they will be unable to function any more. There is also a new generation of employees entering the workforce who are familiar with using new platforms. By using new tools, organisations can keep their employees engaged and allow them to be more creative.

Biggest achievement since working for Novigi?

Definitely my big win as “Gong-pong champion” for our 2020 Wollongong office ping-pong tournament!

But more seriously, it would have to be having the opportunity to step up and manage my own squad and having the responsibility for other people.

What’s your favourite thing about working for Novigi?

I like working with a group of likeminded people who work well together and continuously support each other in solving problems. Everyone is on the same page and it is really refreshing to come to work at a place where I get along with and enjoy spending time with my colleagues.

What do you enjoy doing on the weekends?

I play soccer on the weekends for the University of Wollongong Soccer Club. If I am not playing then I am probably watching something – there is not often you would come around to my place and not find sport on the TV.

What is an interesting fact (or two) about you?

I used to be in a DJ duo with my friend. We were called ‘Sneaky Choons’ and played a variety of music including hip hop, dance and some classics. We would perform at a number of functions like birthday parties, weddings etc. I am looking forward to getting the decks out at a Novigi social event sometime soon!

James enjoys both playing and watching soccer on the weekend


Occasionally you will find James on the decks!

James Galea is a Senior Analyst at Novigi and is based in the Wollongong office.

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