James Galea

Portfolio Lead, Data & Engineering

Career highlights

Exceptional problem solver and researcher

Dedicated to achieving the best results for our clients

Business technology and data expert


James is an exceptional problem solver and analytical thinker, coupled with an unparalleled aptitude for technology and its implementation. At Novigi, James has played a pivotal role in driving the success of transformative projects for leading companies within the wealth management sector. His contributions span diverse areas, including data quality assessments and remediation, intricate technical administration shifts, and new system implementations. This experience has given him exceptional expertise and understanding in the complex technical aspects of the superannuation ecosystem. 

James is responsible for leading a wide range of technical work at Novigi. His broad technical knowledge and ability to interpret big picture business implications ensures the smooth and effective delivery of technical services. He expertly coordinates large teams to achieve the best possible outcomes for clients.  

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