Meet the Team: Terry Donnelly, Head of Data Services

by | 16 Feb 2021 | Meet the Team

Terry Donnelly talks about his role at Novigi and what we can expect in 2021.

What is your role at Novigi?

I am a Partner and the Head of Data Services at Novigi. My role involves working with our clients and delivery teams to design, build and implement high quality data solutions. This includes areas like data platform architecture, Business Intelligence and Data Analytics (BIDA), data science and machine learning, and orchestration and automation.

I work closely with the Advisory team to provide guidance and recommendations to our clients on data strategy. I also work closely with our Technical team in Sri Lanka to ensure our implementation work is best practice.

The other part of my role is leading the continuous improvement and solution development programme of work. This includes the development of our Illuminate, Br(ai)n and Optimiser solutions as well as using our data expertise to improve the internal operations of the company.

What is Novigi focusing on for 2021?

A big priority for us is to continue to develop and expand our three solutions; Illuminate, Br(ai)n and Optimiser. We have some ambitious goals in this space and I’m particularly excited about building some new data science modules to solve problems in the aged care and superannuation industries. Watch this space!

Why is technology important for organisations?

The world is becoming more digitally focused and we are continuing to see exponential increases in total data volume worldwide. IDC estimates that the world’s data will grow to 175 zettabytes (1021 bytes) by 2025. This gives organisations more opportunities to use technology to leverage their data assets and gain a competitive edge. Emerging technologies like AI and quantum computing will play important roles in the future. Those who don’t embrace technological change will soon fall behind.

Given the recent focus on the superannuation and aged care industries in regards to royal commissions, covid and other regulatory changes, do you feel it’s even more important for these industries to be thinking about implementing technology changes?

Definitely! What comes to mind first is the impact of legislation like Your Future, Your Super which will put more demand on funds to improve accountability and transparency around investment decisions with members’ money. Modern attribution modelling techniques can substantially improve this decision making process and ensure that spending in areas like marketing and advertising are in members’ best financial interests.

Covid and the recent Royal Commission has also put pressure on the aged care industry. Organisations will need to utilise modern technology to drive costs down and improve quality. Data orchestration solutions in the aged care space can free up aged care workers from manual administrative tasks so they can focus on delivering care. Business Intelligence and Data Analytics can also help to improve the efficiency of staff and increase the quality of care. Data driven customer segmentation and next best action models can help with member acquisition and retention which can counteract the impact of the early release of super.

What new technologies will you be researching and testing this year?

As part of the development of Br(ai)n we are continuing to research and explore within the field of Natural Language Processing (NLP). These techniques can be used to derive meaning from the massive amounts of unstructured data that many organisations now have access to.

What’s your favourite thing about working for Novigi?

The people. There are many intelligent and talented people here at Novigi with diverse backgrounds and experience and this results in lots of creativity throughout the problem solving process which ultimately benefits our clients.

I also like knowing that our data solutions are genuinely helping people’s lives, either through improvements in care or retirement outcomes for older Australians.

What do you enjoy doing on the weekends?

On my weekends I like to step away from the keyboard and do anything outdoors! I enjoy going on multi-day hikes and camping trips in Australia. I can’t think of a better way to be socially distant!


Climbing the Castle in the Budawang National Park

What is an interesting fact about you?

I am able to recite π (pi) to 50 decimal places. I’m still waiting for an opportunity to use this at work.

Terry Donnelly leads the Data Services function at Novigi, and is based in the Sydney office.

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