Terry Donnelly

General Manager, Technology and Information Security

Career highlights

Double degree in actuarial and computer science

Delivered a range of transformative projects to prominent wealth management organisations 

Strong problem solver with a knack for innovative solutions


Terry holds a double degree in actuarial and computer science and is an Associate of the Institute of Actuaries of Australia (AIAA). Terry is responsible for managing the continuous improvement of Novigi. This encompasses technical platform implementation, system refinement, and development of internal reporting platforms that empower data-driven decision-making. As the orchestrator of our innovation cycle, he steers our journey in best practice integration, data platform architecture, and the strategic application of emerging technologies to solve business challenges.

At Novigi, Terry’s contribution has extended to delivering transformative data and technology projects to Australia’s largest wealth management institutions. From complex data migration initiatives to technology implementations. In Terry’s earlier career he effectively guided a large team to successfully execute intricate financial technology projects. His extensive technical prowess, honed through years as an actuarial analyst and systems analyst, includes the development of expansive projection engines for superannuation funds and insurance providers.

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