Stephanie Picciolini

Business Analyst

Career highlights

Over a decade of financial services experience

Strong project management capability across a range of industries

Passionate advocate for business change


Stephanie is a skilled business analyst with a wealth of expertise collected across different sectors. Most recently she has held project management roles in an IT services company and the government health sector. Prior to this, she spent over a decade in the financial services industry, working in a range of capacities from business process analyst to team manager.

Recognising the significance of change and change management in business, Stephanie is a strong advocate for driving successful business transformations. Her expertise lies in Business Process Analysis and process improvement, allowing her to identify areas for enhancement and implement effective strategies.

At Novigi, Stephanie collaborates closely with clients to oversee and manage their projects, ensuring they are completed within established budgets, scopes, and timelines. Stephanie excels at engaging and supporting relevant stakeholders, empowering them to achieve optimal results and facilitating seamless business transformations and changes.

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