Managed Services

Reliably supporting platforms to ensure that business operations are not interrupted

Service Desk

Level 1, 2 & 3 triage and issue management.


Patch and configuration management (examples include integration platforms, data management platforms, CRMs, registries etc).


Establishment and support of on-premises, private and public cloud platforms.

Monitoring and Reporting

Keeping an eye on things and dealing with issues when they come up. Keeping everyone informed on how everything is going.


Proactive and continuous improvement of platform configuration, cost management etc.

Who is here to help?
Fiona Hutchison

Fiona Hutchison

Portfolio Lead, Technical Support

Fiona possesses an extensive and multifaceted technological background that spans several decades. With the last 10 years dedicated to technical and application support, both within the superannuation sector and beyond. She uses her comprehensive understanding of strategy, business implications and extensive exposure to support the team in delivering exceptional and reliable technical support across a range of platforms and applications.

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