Data & Technology Services

Supporting financial services organisations to unlock the value of their data

Data Management Platforms

Effectively store, manage and analyse your data with industry leading technology and fast implementations.

Enterprise Integration Solutions

Remove manual processes to improve the accuracy and timeliness of information.

API Development

Facilitate effective integration and automation by allowing your applications to communicate and exchange data.

Data Migration & Transitions

Accurate and efficient transfer of data using the best available tools and proven practices.

Cloud Solutions

Benefit from the use of flexible cloud computing and technology for all data storage and application needs.

Analytics, AI & Machine Learning

Business intelligence and Data Analytics (BIDA) platforms that enable informed decision making and use advanced techniques to uncover trends.

System Implementations

Ensure smooth transitions to new business systems including Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Human Resources (HR) and finance systems, Superannuations Registries, Core Banking Systems.

Who is here to help?
James Galea

James Galea

Portfolio Lead, Data & Engineering

James is an exceptional problem solver and analytical thinker, coupled with an unparalleled aptitude for technology and its implementation. This technical knowledge coupled with an ability to interpret big picture business implications ensures the smooth and effective delivery of technical services. 

John Kazanis

John Kazanis

Portfolio Lead, Testing & QA

John brings over a decade of testing and QA experience along with a comprehensive grasp of the superannuation landscape to his role leading the Testing and QA portfolio. He orchestrates collaboration between our Colombo team and domestic capabilities, culminating in the delivery of world-class testing and quality assurance. 

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