Consulting Services

Partnering with financial services clients to help them design future-proof ecosystems


Develop and review organisational plans that ensure data, technology and processes work together seamlessly to support company goals.


Create and implement a set of rules and procedures that outline how your organisation’s data and technology will be managed.


Benchmark your data and technology capabilities in order to establish the right goals and identify areas for investment.


Avoid wasting resources and making incorrect decisions by ensuring your data and technology are accurate, reliable and consistent.


Plan how your future state processes, systems and capabilities will be used to meet your organisational goals.

Who is here to help?
Raymond Lam

Raymond Lam

Portfolio Lead, Consulting

Raymond boasts extensive experience marked by a strategic and research-driven approach in managing teams and projects. He seamlessly integrates project governance, detailed planning, and delivery coordination to address intricate issues, consistently delivering quality outcomes for clients. 

Gareth Brisbane

Gareth Brisbane

Portfolio Lead, Architecture & Design

Gareth’s passion lies in devising effective solutions to challenges, and empowering others to achieve their objectives. He leads the Architecture and Design portfolio with a seamless blend of advanced technical expertise and high-level organisational understanding, designing solutions that elevate organisations.

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