Data and technology solutions for the financial services industry

We have an established expertise and hold significant portfolios in the Financial Services industry. We are well versed in data, integration and technology strategy, data governance and management, technology maturity, data and technology transformation, migration and analysis in all contexts.

Unleashing the power of data

We see change across the Financial Services and Wealth Management sectors as being driven by three prevailing trends:

The pursuit of data driven operating models

The development of sector wide ecosystems and interoperability

The challenges of merging data sets and replatforming

As a result of these trends, data extrapolation, orchestration, advanced analytics and open architectures will sit at the heart of the future financial services and wealth management technology ecosystem.

We work with our clients to design, deploy and manage best practice data management platforms, data driven operating models and hybrid open architectures, in order to leverage the value of their data assets and win in the evolving open ecosystem.

What We Offer

High quality, innovative and tailored advisory and technical services across the full data & technology lifecycle.

Consulting Services

Leveraging industry-leading intellectual property and experience to understand, deconstruct and then innovatively and collaboratively design solutions.

Data & Technology Services

Applying highly skilled and experienced technology experts, who understand the financial services industry, to the creation of technical solutions that are innovative and highly effective.

Project Services

Augmenting your capabilities, bringing expertise in program and project management to ensure the successful delivery of projects

Managed Services

Removing the need for significant internal investment and the risk of not delivering required capability, by providing an efficient and highly effective partnership solution.

We have a highly skilled and experienced team with a focus on building greater efficiency, operational control and seamless digital ecosystems. Find out what your future looks like with Novigi.

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