Sam Wighton

Senior Software Engineer

Career highlights

Strong technical background in finance and enterprise software

Wealth of experience across a huge range of tools, projects and systems

Passionate about helping businesses utilise the absolute value of their data and realise the benefit of the next generation of digital applications


Sam has a background in the finance and enterprise software fields, he has experience working technically in these areas in DevOps, as a programmer and as an automation specialist. He has additional qualifications through institutions such as MIT and Caltech in statistics, machine learning, web development and the elastic stack and has also co-authored a paper in the Journal of Forensic Sciences. Sam’s past positions and studies have seen him utilising a wide range of programming languages and tools to focus on delivering robust systems, automating mundane tasks and building complex monitoring tools to be used with critical systems.

As a Senior Software Engineer at Novigi, Sam excels not only as a proficient developer but also as a technical leader. Sam works in close collaboration with financial services clients to craft tailored software solutions that precisely align with their unique requirements, all while upholding the highest industry standards and best practices. Sam’s role is pivotal in guaranteeing the reliability, security, and optimal performance of software systems in the dynamic landscape of the sector.

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