Rahul Kapoor

Data Analyst

Career highlights

Currently studying a dual master’s degree in business analytics and project management

Experience working in the superannuation and broader financial services industry

High level of technical expertise


Rahul is a hard working and driven data analyst, dedicated to constantly expanding his knowledge. He has a strong understanding of key technical skills including data analysis, data visualisation, Python and SQL. Currently pursuing a dual master’s degree in business analytics and project management, he has outstanding academic achievement in his studies that have resulted in a number of personal letters of recognition from the dean of his faculty. Rahul’s technical proficiency, combined with his project methodology experience, make him a particularly strong asset.

Rahul boasts a rich portfolio of experience, including the production of regulatory reports to ensure compliance for a prominent insurer. He has played an integral role in the data transition of one of the superannuation industry’s most significant Successor Fund Transfers, contributing to crucial reconciliation and automation efforts. Furthermore, he has made substantial contributions to the development and optimisation of Novigi’s internal reporting platform.

Rahul’s background includes a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Petroleum Engineering from the University of Petroleum & Energy Studies in Dehradun, India before working for several years in India for a large, multinational SaaS platform serving the energy industry.

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