Paul Scimone

Senior Technical Project Manager

Career highlights

Strong technical experience, particularly in data quality, data analysis, system analysis, and technical implementations

High level leadership capabilities demonstrated by managing teams in intricate projects

Nearly two decades of experience in highly regulated industries


Paul is a highly experienced IT professional with a strong track record spanning 8 years in superannuation and an additional ten years working with data in other highly regulated environments. His career has seen him demonstrate his technical expertise particularly in areas such as data quality, data analysis, system analysis, and technical implementations. Paul’s meticulous approach to planning and client engagement consistently leads to successful project outcomes.

At Novigi, Paul’s passion for delivering effective solutions is complemented by his strong leadership skills. He adeptly manages teams to achieve outstanding results, overseeing the maintenance and upgrading of complex technical systems. This combination of diverse experiences and profound knowledge in superannuation and data management, coupled with his strong leadership acumen, positions Paul as an expert in managing of clients’ technical projects.

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