Data Consultant

Career highlights

Bachelor of Actuarial Studies and Bachelor of Commerce

Strong understanding of the superannuation ecosystem

Substantial experience in R and Python programming languages


Johnathan is a technically proficient and hard working data professional with a strong educational background. He holds a double degree, a Bachelor of Actuarial Studies majoring in actuarial risk management and analytics as well as a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in finance from the University of New South Wales.

As a consultant at Novigi, Jonathan uses his background in problem solving and analysis to build and improve business intelligence and data analytics platforms, implement technical strategies and facilitate the rollout and proper functioning of digital systems.

Johnathan has played a significant role working with financial services organisations, notably he has worked with a prominent superannuation administrator on a range of initiatives. Through these projects he has developed a strong understanding of the superannuation ecosystem, along with the regulatory and industry specific nuances as they relate to the use of data and technology

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