Joel Walker

Data Analyst

Career highlights

Bachelor of Science majoring in physics from the University of Wollongong

Advanced proficiency in mathematics and exceptional logical thinking

Experienced in a range of technologies and coding languages


Joel is a Bachelor of Science graduate majoring in physics from the University of Wollongong. He brings experience in various tools and languages such as Excel, SQL, R, Python, Power BI and Tableau, possessing the skills necessary to handle complex technical tasks. With previous experience as a police officer, Joel thrives under pressure and excels in clear and concise communication. These strengths enable him to explain intricate concepts effectively and adeptly manage stakeholders.

As an analyst at Novigi, Joel’s exceptional problem-solving and analytical abilities are instrumental in data and technology projects for our clients. His contributions result in enhanced data practices, improved data accessibility, optimal system implementation, and overall operational excellence for businesses.

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