At Novigi, we use award winning advisory, data and interoperability techniques to unlock tangible business outcomes for our clients.


Our Story

Novigi is a word from the Esperanto language. Simple, clear and inventive, Esperanto - the international language created in 1887 by Polish doctor, Ludwik Lejzer Zamenhof - is still at the heart of a vibrant movement, allowing people to COLLABORATE and share ideas all over the world.


As technical experts, we’re obsessed with finding new ways to cut through complexity and inspire fresh thinking - when we learnt that the word Novigi translates as ‘INNOVATE’ in Esperanto and means “to make changes in something established especially by introducing new methods, ideas or products”, we knew it was the perfect word to describe our vision and what we do.

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“Our advisory model is based on enterprise architectural principles where strategy is enabled by careful consideration of the interplay between human capability, process engineering and technology solutions.”

— Ash Priest, managing PARTNER


How we work

Novigi works with its clients to align their use of technology with their business strategy and goals.  We are industry agnostic but have considerable experience in the financial services and aged care sectors. Our services are grouped into 3 core offerings - Advisory, Data and Interoperability.




Novigi’s advisory services focus on technology strategy, human capability and business processes.  Once we understand these, we can recommend technology solutions that align with our client’s strategy and deliver a strong technology platform for the future.

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Using data science, mathematical and technical problem solving capability, Novigi designs and builds business intelligence and data analytics solutions. This capability is further leveraged in order to deliver sophisticated prediction and optimisation models using modern machine learning techniques, calculation engines and bespoke automation algorithms. Novigi’s Data services provide real insight and allow businesses to make better decisions in a data driven world.

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Novigi works with its clients to implement WSO2 integration technology to achieve system interoperability across disparate application ecosystems. Our clients benefit through the removal of manual activities, delivery of considerable process efficiency resulting in cost reductions as well as the enablement of digital transformation programs.

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Our Clients