Hilary Sue


Career highlights

Bachelor of Medical and Radiation Physics and currently studying a Master of Research in nuclear medicine

Strong interpersonal and problem solving skills


Hilary is an ambitious individual with strong analytical skills gained through her degree in medical and radiation physics. As an analyst in the consulting team she works to assess data and technology initiatives, develop strategies that best fulfill client requirements and generally work with clients to uplift their data and technology maturity.

At Novigi, Hilary has worked with prominent organisations in the superannuation industry across a wide spectrum of data and technology domains. Throughout the course of this work she has effectively engaged a wide range of stakeholders and consistently achieved exceptional results through her hard work and adaptability.

Aside from her role at Novigi, Hilary’s proactive and hardworking nature is demonstrated through her side business in which she produces and sells healthier baked goods. She is also further developing her skills and knowledge by studying a Master of Research, specializing in nuclear medicine at the University of Wollongong.

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