Grace May

Senior Data Consultant

Career highlights

Bachelor of Business and currently completing a master’s in artificial intelligence

Strong customer focus with experience in a range of industries across multiple business functions

An extensive technical skillset with a passion for machine learning


Grace holds a Bachelor of Business from RMIT University and is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in artificial intelligence at La Trobe University. With a diverse professional background encompassing roles as a superannuation administrator, marketing manager, and data project administrator, she brings a wealth of experience to her work.

As an experienced data consultant at Novigi, Grace excels in building innovative technical solutions using cutting-edge tools for our clients. She is adept at developing strong relationships across all stakeholder groups and consistently delivering project milestones on time.

Passionate about leveraging machine learning techniques, Grace actively explores the potential of AI, specifically in automating data cleansing and analysis. Her extensive skill set includes Python programming, SQL, data visualization using Python, R, and Power BI, Snowflake, Git version control, project management, Azure stack, statistical analysis, and natural language processing (NLP).

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