Binh Pham

Data Analyst

Career highlights

Wide financial services understanding across superannuation, insurance and retail banking

Over 30 years IT experience

Dedicated team player who consistently achieves excellent results


Binh is an accomplished IT professional with a remarkable track record spanning over 30 years in the superannuation, insurance, retail banking, and telecommunications industries. With a comprehensive understanding of business needs, Binh has become well-versed in delivering exceptional service and quality standards throughout his extensive career. His dedication and integral approach have been exemplified in his tenure at Mercer Administration Services, where he has made significant contributions for over 15 years.

As a data analyst, Binh is driven by his commitment to deliver exceptional service and uphold the highest quality standards for stakeholders. He achieves this by continuously staying at the forefront of technological advancements, ensuring he can effectively address the evolving needs of his clients. Furthermore, Binh thrives in collaborative team environments, leveraging his natural ability to work seamlessly with others to achieve collective success.

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