Raymond Lam

Portfolio Lead, Consulting

Career highlights

PhD in medicinal chemistry and molecular pharmacology

Brings a detail driven approach to all engagements

Rich understanding of the superannuation industry 


Raymond boasts extensive experience marked by a strategic and research-driven approach in managing teams and projects. He seamlessly integrates project governance, detailed planning, and delivery coordination to address intricate issues, consistently delivering quality outcomes for clients. 

His client engagements have been varied and comprehensive, from enterprise technology strategy to code-base review and data remediation. Raymond’s rich engagement with the superannuation ecosystem, engaging with administrators and trustees, provides him a broad and substantiated perspective on industry challenges and opportunities.  

In his role as Novigi’s Consulting Portfolio Lead, Raymond provides oversight and support to the consulting team, ensuring the delivery of industry leading strategies, advice, and assessments to financial services organisations, empowering them to excel in the realm of data and technology. 

Raymond holds a Joint Awarded PhD from Monash University and the University of Nottingham in Medicinal Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology. A detail-driven individual, his research approach has been applied to technology and its applications. His scientific method and rigour are an invaluable contribution to the analysis and understanding of our clients’ business problems. 

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