Gareth Brisbane

Portfolio Lead, Architecture and Design

Career highlights

Highly experienced in superannuation systems technology and has spent 15 years working in the industry

Has led large teams in many areas of development and technology

PhD in Computer Security


Gareth is an experienced developer and leader in superannuation systems technology having spent 15 years working in the superannuation administration industry. He has extensive experience, leading teams in the areas of software development, DevOps, database administration, reporting, data warehousing, data quality, and migration. Gareth has a wealth of knowledge in a variety of technology systems and processes and has demonstrated exceptional skills in managing fund transitions.  

Gareth’s passion lies in devising effective solutions to challenges, and empowering others to achieve their objectives. He is a natural leader and he uses these skills at Novigi to support his team to produce outstanding results for clients. 

Gareth leads the architecture and design portfolio with a seamless blend of advanced technical expertise and high-level organisational understanding. This combination of skills allows him to align organisational requirements with technical functionality, designing solutions that elevate organisations. 

His formal education includes a PhD in the field of computer security from the University of Wollongong as well as degrees in Computer Science (Hons) and Maths. 

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