Fiona Hutchison

Portfolio Lead, Technical Support

Career highlights

Extensive and multifaceted technology background spanning several decades

Experienced in onboarding and delivering large managed services 

Over a decade working in technical and application support


Fiona possesses an extensive and multifaceted technological background that spans several decades. With the last 10 years dedicated to technical and application support, both within the superannuation sector and beyond. 

Fiona has a demonstrated ability in orchestrating the onboarding and seamless management of large-scale and intricate managed services arrangements. This proficiency culminates in robust outcomes and unwavering service consistency. Fiona is a dedicated leader and a strong advocate for the significance of a positive culture in driving optimal results. She prioritises the cultivation of an environment where her teams thrive. 

At Novigi, Fiona leads our technical support portfolio, she uses her comprehensive understanding of strategy, business implications and extensive exposure to support the team in delivering exceptional and reliable technical support across a range of platforms and applications.  

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