Carlie Newbold

Human Resources Manager

Career highlights

Over a decade of HR experience

Australian HR Institute certified practitioner and Certified PRISM practitioner

Passionate about workplace diversity and inclusive environments for all to thrive


With an expansive background spanning over a decade in the realm of human resources, Carlie is a dynamic people and culture leader, impassioned by creating a remarkable employee experience and cultivating a high-performance team culture. As an Australian HR Institute certified practitioner and a Certified PRISM practitioner, she brings a wealth of expertise cultivated through extensive exposure to start-ups and high-growth businesses. 

 At Novigi, Carlie is responsible for developing and improving upon our HR practices and policies. Carlie is a driving force behind Novigi’s integral positive culture and her dedication has rendered her an esteemed and supportive figure within the business. Carlie ensures that every aspect of her work further develops Novigi as a great place to work and reinforces the cultural pillars of innovation, banter, and collaboration.  

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