John Kazanis

Portfolio Lead, Testing & QA

Career highlights

More than a decade of testing and QA experience

Strong grasp of the superannuation industry

High level technical, leadership and communication skills


With more than a decade of dedicated experience in testing and quality assurance, John is a seasoned professional with exceptional technical acumen, leadership qualities, and communication skills. His commitment to ensuring client satisfaction and delivering outstanding results shapes his approach. 

Over the course of his career, John has defined and implemented robust QA frameworks. Including the design of specialised QA systems, formulation of testing documentation, and establishment of streamlined processes. His proficiency spans across various technologies and tools, enabling the facilitation of best practice testing and quality assurance. 

John brings a comprehensive grasp of the superannuation landscape to his role leading the Testing and QA portfolio. He orchestrates collaboration between our Colombo team and domestic capabilities, culminating in the delivery of world-class testing and quality assurance. 

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