We are the data and technology partner to the financial services industry

QMV is now part of Novigi

Combining strengths in superannuation, wealth management, and technology

Our unique combination of deep financial services experience, technical expertise and an innate desire to solve complex problems enables us to partner with clients and support them to successfully develop and execute their data and technology strategies.

We help you succeed in a changing environment

Our services help our clients to navigate the three data megatrends driving the financial services industry: data-driven operating models, sector wide interoperability and the data challenges of consolidation and mergers.

By working collaboratively with our clients to design, build, run and govern data and technology solutions, we help them to leverage their data and technology assets and deliver better outcomes.


Creative and collaborative consultants who design practical but innovative solutions to clients’ data and technology related challenges.

Example projects in this space include:

  • Data & Interoperability Strategies
  • Data Governance Frameworks
  • Technology Maturity Models
  • Data Quality Assessment
  • Target Operating Models


Highly collaborative and skilled technologists who build industry transforming data and technology solutions.

Example projects in this space include:

  • Data Management Platforms
  • Enterprise Integration Solutions
  • API development
  • Data Migration & Transitions
  • Cloud Solutions
  • Analytics, AI & Machine Learning
  • System implementations


Passionate, customer focused service professionals who maintain and improve data and technology solutions for clients.

Example projects in this space include:

  • Running integration platforms
  • Maintaining and developing data visualisation solutions
  • Managing data stores
  • Regulatory & Operational Reporting
  • BPaaS solutions


Project professionals who will provide structure and expertise to maximise the efficiency and effectiveness of internal and external deliveries.

Example projects in this space include:

  • Project Establishment/Augmentation/Recovery
  • Governance Framework Design
  • PMO Design and Implementation

Projects delivered successfully

Organisations have worked with novigi


What we offer

Novigi has an established expertise and holds significant portfolios in the Financial Services industry. We are well versed in data, integration and technology strategy, data governance and management, technology maturity, data and technology transformation, migration and analysis in all contexts.

Consulting Services

Leveraging industry-leading intellectual property and experience to understand, deconstruct and then innovatively and collaboratively design solutions.

Data & Technology Services

Applying highly skilled and experienced technology experts, who understand the financial services industry, to the creation of technical solutions that are innovative and highly effective.

Project Services

Augmenting your capabilities, bringing expertise in program and project management to ensure the successful delivery of projects

Managed Services

Removing the need for significant internal investment and the risk of not delivering required capability, by providing an efficient and highly effective partnership solution.

Want to talk about data and technology? 

 We love hearing about organisations’ achievements, challenges and innovations using data and technology. 

Why work for us

We look for talented people with diverse backgrounds, skills and experience. We value not only the wisdom that experience brings, but also the fresh perspective of an outsider with a less than typical background.


Novigi’s culture is underpinned by three core values – innovation, collaboration and banter. These values are truly what makes Novigi a great place to work.

Work Environment

Most people work from home and/or the office, but if it works for everyone, you can work from anywhere. Flexibility is at the centre of how Novigi works. We’ve designed a world-class platform to make it easy to work where and when you need.


At Novigi, we have defined pathways with clear competencies to help you identify areas for growth and development all managed through our performance management program.

Rewards & Benefits

Financial and non-financial benefits are an important part of making Novigi a great place to work. Our incentive programs even give our employees the opportunity to have some skin in the game. A range of leave types are available and this, combined with a health & wellness program, support you to achieve a healthy work life balance.

Don't just take our word for it...

Our employees have spoken! Novigi’s own team feedback was benchmarked against top companies and featured on Australia’s Best Workplaces in Technology 2023 List! Learn more and hear what our employees say about working at Novigi.

Experienced and Dynamic Leadership

Our leadership team uses their wealth of knowledge and experience in the financial services industry, data and technology to ensure that we deliver the best possible outcomes for our clients.

Ash Priest

Ash Priest

Chief Executive Officer

Melissa Fuller

Melissa Fuller

Deputy CEO

Joash Belousoff

Joash Belousoff

Chief Commercial Officer

David Short

David Short

Chief Experience Officer

We are a technology leader with a focus on building greater efficiency, operational control and seamless digital ecosystems.

What’s New

We love to share our industry knowledge and insights to drive the data and technology discussion across the financial services industry.

How do we address member dissatisfaction in superannuation?

How do we address member dissatisfaction in superannuation?

Superannuation funds understand the importance of keeping members happy. Fund executives are constantly talking about “member experience”. Some of them even have the phrase in their titles.   However, recent developments suggest that despite the best intentions of...

The challenges of merging data sets and replatforming

The challenges of merging data sets and replatforming

In August 2022 I started a series of articles on the 3 megatrends driving data management in superannuation. In this article I expand on the last, but definitely not least, of those three megatrends - the challenges of merging data sets and replatforming....

The ecosystem and interoperability mega trend

The ecosystem and interoperability mega trend

On the surface of it, an ‘ecosystem’ sounds like a simple concept. But there is so much going on within a wealth management operation to make a fund work and then get that fund in the hands of the ultimate investor. Today, wealth managers are becoming increasingly like orchestrators of services and orchestrators of the integration and interoperability between a much wider range of specialist service providers than was ever available in the past. 

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